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Web of Adolfo Fernandez. Business Development Manager Spain & Portugal at Google. Digital Transformation Advisor and Keynote Speaker.
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The Era Of You

Brands that seek to lead in this new era have to identify their customers in the data, uncover genuine insights, and create a truly personalized experience that allow them to differentiate themselves among their competitors. This is my job. My name is Adolfo Fernández and I’m Business Development Manager for Spain & Portugal at Google where I help companies grow their business, achieve their marketing goals and maximize their ROI on advertising. This blog aims to share my thoughts on how brands can take advantage of the endless possibilities that technology offers, latest trends that we live in the sector and other life experiences that I consider worth to be mentioned.


Digital transformation advisor and keynote speaker I am lucky to make my living at the intersection of my two biggest passions: Technology and Marketing. During my career I’ve worked in the Internet, Telecom, FMCG and Consulting sectors in Spain, the UK, Ireland and Portugal which has allowed me to manage multidisciplinary projects and to navigate complex challenges, something that I love.

Digital Transformation

I help companies grow online and achieve their business goals analyzing their consumer needs and reaching their audience with best-in-class online advertising solutions.

Public Speaking

I deliver keynote presentations on digital transformation and online advertising in some of the major tech congresses and sector events in Europe such as MWC, 4YFN or eCongress.


I give lessons and masterclasses on digital advertising and online marketing in universities, business schools and other educational institutions.



Keep updated on upcoming talks, workshops and events.

Valencia, 5th April

On March 27th I will be in Barcelona in the 3rd session of Export@ Digital. Export@ Digital is an innovative initiative sponsored by DHL together with Alibaba, Ebay and La Caixa, that aims that aims to educate and encourage Spanish and Portuguese companies to export by leveraging the power of online channels.


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Get in touch

I’m open to hear innovative ideas, challenging business problems and participate in cool events sharing some thoughts regarding digital transformation and online marketing. Choose your favourite method and let’s connect.

Dublin | Madrid | Barcelona | Lisboa

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