Adolfo Fernandez | Digital Transformation Advisor & Keynote Speaker
Web of Adolfo Fernandez. Business Development Manager Spain & Portugal at Google. Digital Transformation Advisor and Keynote Speaker.
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On the field

After +10 years playing soccer at professional level, I started to miss performing in an arena full of people every weekend when I joined the corporate world. It was in my first talk when I realized that I could actually fulfill this need by putting myself in front of an audience and share my thoughts on my two biggest passions: technology and marketing. From small corporate training sessions to large, arena-size and multi-day conferences, I enjoy the fact of sharing ideas about digital transformation, advertising and online marketing.


  • The Era of You: 5 seconds to fall in love

    During the session we will navigate through the online landscape and discover how mature brands and newcomers can fast track into the market with the latest video online advertising tools.

  • Winning moments in the new digital era

    Today we live in an ever more disloyal society. As brands it's key to be present across all the customer journey in order to get the right to be considered at the time of purchase.

  • Brand Building on the Age of Internet

    Marketing success ingredients stay the same but we have a sharper set of knives to cook. Do you know how to use them?

Calendar 2017

Keep updated on upcoming talks, workshops and events.

Barcelona, 27th March.

Valencia, 5th April.

Vigo, 20th April.

Logroño, 25th April.

Oviedo, 27th & 28th April.

Logroño, 25th April.

Fenavín, Ciudad Real, 10th May.

Oporto, 16th May.

Lisbon, 17th May.

Ourense, TBC.

Alicante, TBC.

Bilbao, TBC.

San Sebastián, TBC.

Sevilla, TBC.

Marketing Catalyzers, Málaga 25th & 26th September.