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As a passionate consultant in transformation and digital strategy, guest lecturer in some of the most prestigious business schools around the world and keynote speaker at some of the most well-known tech events in Europe, Adolfo Fernández has been featured in numerous print and online publications as well as radio and TV programmes.

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"The platform markets boom has come to stay"

Adolfo Fernández thinks that we are living a "golden age" for SMBs and international expansion. He highlights the role platform markets such Netflix or Airbnb are having in the digital economy and talks about the Zero Moment of Truth to emphasize how important is for brands to be present along the customer journey.

"Google launches a new tool to help SMBs expand their business internationally"

With the right tools and support, the barriers to international expansion have never been lower. No matter what you sell, what size you are, or where you’re based, you can take your business to new customers around the world.

"Galicians are the captains of exporting talent to the whole world"

To make Galicia shine, it is crucial to improve the infrastructures to allow its digitization.


Adolfo Fernández

Global Program Manager, International Growth Strategy



Adolfo Fernández is Global Program Manager of International Growth Strategy at Google where he leads and develops the strategy to scale and optimize Google’s end-to-end internationalization consulting services program. Adolfo coordinates with several teams including Partnership, Account Management, Acquisitions, Marketing & Product teams worldwide to identify opportunities at scale across customers and markets, and rolling these insights out efficiently across the globe.  Prior to this, Adolfo was Business Development Manager for Spain & Portugal where he drove the customer acquisition strategy and operations for Google.


With an extensive track record of initiating and successfully driving global business opportunities in the digital media ecosystem, Adolfo joined Google in 2015 after his experience in Xerox and Cilenis Language Technology, a startup specialized in Natural Language Processing.


His passion for technology and the entrepreneurship ecosystem has taken him to collaborate as guest lecturer with some of the most prestigious business schools around the world and several European startup accelerators and incubators. Adolfo holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Santiago de Compostela and an MBA from IE Business School.