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TNW Conference

The most intimate technology festival on the planet.

TNW Conference is one of the most well-known tech events in Europe among the startup ecosystem and has been described by the CNBC as “The most intimate technology festival on the planet”. In this 13th edition, TNW2018 managed to gather 15,000 attendees in Amsterdam coming from all corners of the globe.

For the first time, I had the opportunity to attend and deliver a keynote at the Growth Quarters, a unique space designed to reveal the growth techniques and technologies being leveraged by some of the world’s most successful companies, sharing stage with top tech leaders such as John Collison (CEO of Stripe), Des Traynor (Co-founder of Intercom), Clarissa Shen (COO of Udacity) and Didier Rappaport (CEO of Happn) among others.

What did I talk about?

Find Your Next Global Opportunity: International Growth for Startups.  


With the rise of competition around the globe, it is becoming increasingly more difficult for startups to differentiate from competitors. As tempting as it is to dive into a potentially exciting new market, it’s important to research its local demographic, language, and culture beforehand. A sure way of keeping ahead of competition is by offering localized user experiences – tailored to each market a company serves. During my keynote I had the opportunity to share some of the main strategies we have designed at Google to help SMBs and multinational corporations expand their business internationally. 

Adolfo Fernández (Google) on International expansion for startups | TNW Conference 2018

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